IELTS Listening Tips for Success with Video

Here are some IELTS Listening Tips that can improve performance. There is also a video that is presented by someone from the British Council. As we are all aware, British Council is one of the three bodies that manages the IELTS exam.

1. Read instructions carefully, and study carefully what these instructions really ask you to do. Ignoring them is just too costly.

2. Remember that the degree of difficulty in IELTS listening increases towards the end. So make sure to get most questions if not ALL in the earlier sections. Avoid silly mistakes.

3. Spelling plays a crucial role in listening. Knowing the answers and writing them correctly are two different things. You can write numbers in words, but be sure to spell them right. Writing in numerical is safer.

4. Mind your own business. Keep your ears on the audio and not on what you hear from others. You can't avoid some distractions inside the examination room. Relax and keep listening. Concentrate a lot because you are listening and writing at the same time while the audio is being played.

5. If you missed the answer, leave that part and proceed without delay. Otherwise, you will miss the rest. But be sure to give an educated guess after. Don't leave blanks at all.

Top Tips for IELTS Listening Video

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