The IELTS Marking Criteria for IELTS Writing Tasks

There are four IELTS marking criteria that examiners use to mark IELTS Writing tasks. Scores are achieved based on how the examinee responds on these criteria.

To explain what these criteria are, let us consider this topic:

"Industrial strike should not be allowed."

You will get a better score if both sides of the arguments are presented. It is not enough that you only say what your stand is on this topic. You should strenghten your position by giving the other arguments,and then break them down with your own arguments. In this case, you are telling the examiner, the one who scores your answer, that you know all sides of it. If you do this, then you have responded to the first criterion which is Task Response.

Another criteria that you should remember in writing are Coherence and Cohesion. Your piece of writing can be called coherent and cohesive when the paragraphs and the sentences within these paragraphs are logically linked or connected together making your writing intelligible to the reader.

To achieve these criteria, you must use signals or linkers . So if you are arguing against the topic above, you may say, "We may get the good benefits for disallowing industrial strike, but the disadvantages far outweigh them." By saying this, you are now leading the reader to the next paragraph, and giving him a hint as well as to which argument will be presented next . This way you are responding to above criteria.

The third of these criteria is Lexical Resource. This refers to your range of vocabulary used in your writing like synonyms, antonyms, affixes (prefix and suffix), complex sentences and even idioms. Use them sparringly within a paragraph. In the previous paragraph, intelligible and disallowing (in bold) were used instead of the words "understandable" and "not allowing" respectively. Prefix (dis) and a synonym replaced the other words.

The last of the criteria are Grammatical Range and Accuracy. They refer to all aspects of grammar and how well they are applied in your writing. These include spelling and punctuation. In the second sentence above, the words "these" and "are" agree in number with the noun criteria which is plural. This is what grammatical range and accuracy all about.

Considering these IELTS marking criteria in your writing will give you good a mark.

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