Some IELTS reading exercises for you to practice

I have found hundreds of IELTS reading exercises for you to practice on to help you improve reading comprehension and vocabulary skills like contextual clues.
These IELTS reading exercises are really good. Aside from the text, there is also an audio so you have the option to just listen to it if you are not too keen on reading it. It is a two-in-one practice materials.

The link on exercises is at the top of the text while audio link is at the bottom. Make use of these exercises to maximise learning. Remember that IELTS reading is a test of skills like comprehension, scanning, skimming, vocabulary, speed reading and other reading skills. Thanks to California Distance Learning Project or CDLPOnline for this wonderful story lists. Some of these topics have also videos to watch. Simply look for the stories with a video symbol to watch a particular story. A Real Player installed on your computer is needed for these videos to play.

The beauty of these materials from CDLP Online is that the learner has the option to complete activities based on the story. Some of these tasks are:

vocabulary or learning new words - In this activity, you are presented with a set of words. While the new word appears, a pronunciation of the word is heard.

comprehension - A question based on the story is presented, and choices are given. The learner picks the best answer.

spelling - The learner hears the sound of the word, and he writes the correct spelling.

matching game - This one is interesting. There is a grid where the learner clicks a block of the grid, and then a word appears. The next block that is clicked should match with the other. It could be the meaning the of the first word. If it does not match, the learner must remember what appears on each block so each could be matched with the other.

picking words - One type of activity in this category is filling-in the blank to complete a statement. A incomplete statement is given with choices given. One of these choices is the answer.

Have fun and enjoy some of the stories and the activities you find from the California Distance Learning Project. Make use of them for your reading exercises as you prepare for your IELTS examination.

About Nature

About Places

About Services

About Science and Technology

About Money

About Housing

About Health and Safety

About School

About Family

About Law and Government

About Work

Fond of reading? The Literature Network offers thousands of reading materials like short stories, fiction and non-fiction, poems, events etc. Make use of this site to discover the beauty of literature and how it helps in your language studies.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

Happy reading.

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