Add insult to injury or add-in salt to injury: Which is which?

We always hear or read the expression add insult to injury. From television, newspapers, radio and in everyday conversation, we hear this.

Few years back, I read an article in a newspaper and the writer used this expression-same context but different spelling. He used add-in salt to injury. That article opened my senses. I never thought before and probably some of you as well that this one could be the right spelling for that expression.

I stopped reading and headed to our best friend Google. There are arguments on the net about the difference between these two. But none convinces me as to which one is really right. We always hear the former so we accept it as the right one. Is it really?

Here is my two cents analysis.

The term is an idiomatic expression so it does not follow the conventional way of giving a specific word for a specific meaning and so it could be right. However, if we analyze the add-in salt expression, it could be right as well and it is even more precise in terms of the meaning that it gives than the other. Sprinkle a grain of salt in a wound and you know what happens. It adds more pain; it adds more injury.

But here is the hitch. If someone uses add-in salt to injury in his writing, he might be ridiculed for mis-spelling the expression because we are used to reading the other form. It's alright if we just say it because the two are homophones (same sound).

So what do you think? Share your thoughts below and let the debates begin.....

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