Choosing paragraph heading in IELTS Reading: The Techniques

Choosing paragraph heading is as complicated as the sentence completion type. It offers more choices (headings) than the paragraph or sections.

This question type aims to test the candidate's skill in identifying the main idea. In this task, a list of headings represented usually by lower case roman numerals (i, ii, iii) are given. One of these headings should match with the given paragraph, then you write on your answer sheet the roman numeral that represents the heading that matches with the paragraph.

With more choices to pick from, how do you identify the matching heading?

Every student has his/her own unique way of doing this. Each employs a strategy that he/she is familiar with. However, there are more ways to make this task a lot easier.

If you haven't use them yet; then, these are the two techniques that you can use:

One is to read each paragraph that needs a heading in order to get its main idea, and then look for the heading that matches the main idea.

The second is the reverse of the first. Read the headings and then the paragraphs with the main idea that matches with one of the headings.

Since this task type is mainly about the main idea , you should not rely on the main keyword in the heading. The main keyword may appear on the heading but not necessarily give the main idea of the entire paragraph.

Running out time? Looking at the topic sentence might help you choose the right paragraph heading.

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