How is classifying task done in IELTS Academic Reading

Classifying in IELTS academic reading is just like putting words into the same categories. In this task, the candidates are asked to group them according to classification. For example, the words Olympics and Word Cup can be put together in the Sporting Events category.

This task is very much the same as the matching type. There are normally more events than there are groups to which these events will be classiffied. So there are letters that will be used more than once.

The problem in this task is that you must know what the words or phrases are. You can not group them together unless you know where should each word belongs.

The knowledge of vocabulary is essential in this particular task.


Just like matching type , you need to use skimming technique to get a general idea about the passage. Looking at the titles or illustrations as well would help. Having done this, you can now do the scanning to find the area in the passage that relates to the first word/s to be classified.

Unlike multiple choice , answers here do not necessarily appear in order in the passage.

Careful reading of the passage will take much of your time, but it will yield a better result for you.

Please bear in mind that most of you, the examinees, are second language speakers so it really is a good idea to make it a habit to read English articles everyday and try to understand what you read using the IELTS way. If you do this everyday, then there is no way for you to go but up-at least in your reading skills.

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