Computers are being used more and more in education ,there will be soon no role for teachers in classroom. Agree or disagree.

by Nazanin Javadi
(Malaysia ,Subang Jaya )

It is generally believed that computers will replace teachers in education. However, I strongly disagree with this statement.

There are several compelling arguments in support of the view that teachers will never be replaced by computers in the class room. In fact, we can see in many developed countries that it is common to use computers in education but it is not always the best way because of several reasons.

Firstly, educating by themselves with the help computers or virtual learning only makes students bored, lonely and isolated.

Secondly, when there is no interaction between teachers and students, then they may suffer mentally or even emotionally.

On the other hand, being in class has beneficial advantages for students. Building social relationship with other learners creates positive impact on students learning capability. Furthermore, attendance in class gives them an opportunity to meet other students and socialize with them as well.

Finally, we know that technology can actually help educate but I believe we should not ignore the lectures role. Education with computers can be used to help teachers to provide better teaching, and not leave each one alone. Teachers and computers can be utilised side by side for better learning.

In conclusion, technologies are great supports. Schooling without them is unbearable. In my belief, computer systems are great aids for learning.

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