Expect the Unexpected: My Essay Writing Story

by Franklin
(United Kingdom)

I had the chance to join an essay writing contest when I was a sophomore college student in the Philippines. It was not the first time I joined a school contest but it was my first time in a writing competition.

It was not voluntary on my part. I was prodded on to join the contest by my English professor, who told me to give it a try.

I only placed second on this contest but I was so happy. Happy because, I didn’t expect to win much more to place second. If I remember it right, the topic was: Expect the Unexpected.

My discourse on this topic centered on the Philippines Edsa Revolution that happened in 1986. This event was really unexpected in Philippines history, and yet it happened and without bloodshed.

Placing second in this contest made the difference in my life as a student. I was taking up BS Education degree and was planning to major in history, but because of this contest, and with the help and effort of my English professor who coerced me to join the contest, my focus shifted. I ended up studying English as my major.

And taking English as major was another “expect the unexpected” event in my life. Since then, I had been learning the language. Whether I have success in learning it is something that I can’t answer. What I can tell is that learning is non-stop.

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Oct 14, 2015
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Sep 24, 2010
Nice Try!
by: Aldrin

Sometimes in our lives, we need to be pushed to discover our potentials.

Had it not for the insistence of your professor, you wouldn't have discovered your love of language. I am sure you are very thankful for that professor because as you have said, winning the contest made the difference in your life.

Keep it up man.

Well done. It was a nice try joining the contest. You may not have won the first prize, but it's not the winning that matters, it is the effect to you that matters most. And certainly, it was a good one.


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