IELTS Academic Reading: 40 questions, 3 passages for 60 minutes test

The IELTS Academic Reading module lasts 60 minutes or an hour. There are 40 questions to be answered, and these questions are based from 3 passages. The passages are taken from newspapers, journals, books, or magazines.

Those who take IELTS don't need to be experts in a specific field because the extracts are of general interest. But reading a lot of course will help increase your chance of getting a higher band score.


No extra time is given so you write your answers on the answer sheet.

If you read easy material, time yourself. Try to improve your reading speed and your reading fluency will increase over time. That will help you with IELTS.

Question types:

Questions in academic reading may include any or some of the following:

multiple choice
True/False/Not Given or Yes/No/Not Given
completing notes or sentence
completing or labelling diagrams,charts or tables
writing short answers
choosing paragraph headings

The IELTS reading module is not just a test of comprehension skills but also of skimming and scanning. It is extremely important to manage time properly by using these two skills.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your reading.

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