IELTS Academic Speaking: Say what you mean!

The IELTS Academic Speaking is the the shortest of the four modules but carries the same weight to the overall band score.
It consists of three parts and lasts for 11-14 minutes. Each part is distinct from one another in terms of how the examinee and the examiner interact each other. Speaking maybe done on the same day of the test at a predetermined time or few days before or after the test date. It is advisable to check the date, venue, and time in your confirmation letter.

Just like in reading, topics in Speaking are of general interests.

Part 1 of the test lasts between 4-5 minutes. The examinee gives an answer to a general question about family, job, hobby, or interest.

In Part 2, the candidate is handed out a task card containing a particular topic which he needs to talk about for up to two minutes. The good thing is the examinee is given 1 minute to prepare. Two rounding-off questions will be asked after the two minutes allocated time has lapsed.

Part 3 of the test lasts beween 4-5 minutes. This is a about more abstract issues and concepts relevant to the topic in part 2.

To others, the speaking module is the most dreaded part. I agree. You may experience a stage fright, thereby having a mental block as a result. But with proper preparation and knowledge of some tips , there is no reason why you will not get a good score here.

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