IELTS Academic Writing

IELTS Academic Writing is probably the hardest part of the test. Aside from having two tasks, it is done only in an hour. So it is really a two in one task.

In task 1, examinees maybe asked to compare and contrast data, explain a process or describe information given in a diagram, table, or graph or even a chart . Answers in this part should have at least 150 words. Underlength answer will yield a deduction from your score or mark on this part.

Task 2 is an essay . The question in this task may ask you to give an opinion or to give a response to a problem in 250 words. Just like in task 1, answers in task 2 below the word count needed will be penalised.

It is advisable to allocate enough time for both tasks. You need to give more time in task 2 since it is a little longer and has more weight than in task 1, 35 and 20 minutes respectively. The remaining 5 minutes will be used for proofreading of your answers for possible grammatical errors like spelling and punctuation.

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