IELTS online practice test on listening, reading, writing and speaking modules

Follow the IELTS online practice test links below and try them to enhance your chances of getting a desirable band score in each module.

Academic Reading

It includes practice test on multiple choice questions, completing sentences, writing short answers, matching headings to paragraphs, completing tables, charts or diagrams, matching causes and effects, completing a summary, choosing factors and identifying the writer's view. Click here to go to the IELTS online practice test on academic reading.

Listening Practice Test

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

There is also a practice test on listening at the reading link given above found at the drop down button above the page.


Sample Scripts

Academic Writing

Task 1 and Task 2 This page will be updated on a regular basis to provide you with more practice tests.

"Practice makes perfect" as the saying goes.

AA Press 101 IELTS Online Practice Test Course

Have you tried IELTS online training course for your test preparation? If not, it is worth trying. Why? Please read on..... It is generally believed that learners using audio-visual materials perform better than their counterparts. That is why teachers use visual aids in their lessons. They supplement their lessons with materials that enhance the learning experience of the learner.

The best proof that learning using audio-visuals is better than without is a film. Yes, a movie. We may not realise it, but the reason why we can re-tell the story in the film or movie we have just watched regardless of its length is because it is audio-visual.

IELTS online practice test is no different. Examinees tend to rely heavily on books and other writing materials like questionnaires probably because it is cheaper. But isn't IELTS exam an investment? Everything will change after the desired band score is achieved. A high paying job or acceptance in a university abroad is waiting. You name it.

Let us do cost analysis.

Is paying for online IELTS course with multimedia CD or DVD PLUS streaming not cheaper than enrolling in a classroom review? In online course, not only you study at your own pace but also at your own comfort and time. This set-up is generally helpful for those who have jobs and families to maintain. IELTS online training can be done anytime, anywhere even while travelling subject of course to internet connectivity.

There are as well IELTS online courses that run shorter like 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. It is worth trying 1 day or 1 week first to have a feel whether this type of review for your test is for you.

There are actually endless ways to review for this test, but the most practical and economical is to study English and IELTS online.

Adams and Austen Press offers the best value for money IELTS practice materials on the Internet. A&A Press has been publishing IELTS practice materials worldwide since 1995 and has provided valuable assistance and advice to thousands of IELTS candidates.

The 101 Online IELTS Course gives you the best chance to get that high Band Score you need to be successful.

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