Seven IELTS Useful Tips that should not be ignored

Here are some IELTS useful tips that you may consider in order to have a better chance of getting a much better result in the IELTS test. These tips are summmed up in 7 letter word: P-R-E-P-A-R-E

Avoiding them is costly!


“Practice Makes Perfect” they say. This is true in any endeavor we venture in. Wondering why after so many years in your job, you can do most of your tasks with relative ease?

Taking this test is no difference. In order to be successful in this test, you should keep on taking practice tests as many as you can applying all the useful tips you have learned so far from reading lots of IELTS materials. But don’t leave it at that. You should evaluate your progress and find out which of the sub-tests needs more time on it.

Don’t overburden yourself practising on the module which you find easier than the others.

And speaking about practicing, I have found an effective way to practice and master anything, be it tests or in this case, public speaking. This website talks about how to become a great public speaker.


“Reading maketh a full man”, said Francis Bacon. Read loads of materials about the subject you are not so good at. If your weakness is on writing, read books on how to improve on it.

One of the best ways to improve your writing is to read something about your interest. Get the gist of the article, and re-write it in your own words as if you are writing it for publication. Do this all the time and you will be amazed at how much you have improved.

Francis Bacon continued, “Writing maketh an exact man.”

E-Eliminate Distractions

Don’t take this test for granted! Your future lies on it.

If you really wanted your future to take off, take the test and these IELTS useful tips seriously. There are times when we can’t easily set aside some of the things we normally do. I understand that. But we are talking here of your future. Turning mobile or cellphone off or getting offline from social networking site for sixty minutes will definitely help increase your level of comprehension.

P-Positive Attitude

If others can, so can you. Is it as simple as that? Nope! It is not just about believing that you can do it just like the others. It is about doing the right things in order to achieve your goal.

A-Allocate Time

Did you take the test twice, thrice, or more? Did the scores vary significantly? No, I am sure. Why?

Remember this. IELTS is a standardized test. No matter how many times you take the test, the difference in you score won’t be significant. That is if you don’t prepare or practice. Let us take this sample:

You got a score of 7 in listening and in speaking but 6 only in reading and writing in your first try. You practised a lot in reading but not in writing before you took the second try. Most likely, the result would be the same except that your score in reading increased slightly. Reason? You allocated more time practising reading, but neglected writing.


Review here does not mean refreshing your memory of what you have learned or studied. It simply means reviewing your priorities.

Others would say, “Oh, I am so tired after work. I would rather do other things than prepare for it.”

But isn’t it the reason why you want to pass the test is because you want a better opportunity than what have in you present JOB (Just Over Broke) offers?

Is an hour too much loss of your time off?

E-English Grammar

No matter how full of ideas your have in your head, they will remain in your head until you say it or write it in a comprehensible way. Your grasp of English grammar is so vital in writing and speaking modules. So brush up your grammar skills before you take the test, or pay the price for not doing these seven IELTS useful tips.

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