IELTS Writing Task 2: My experience

by Franklin
(United Kingdom)

There will be a time in our lives when that "lucky moment" comes. Mine came when I took the IELTS exam.

The question in writing task 2 was almost a give away. I say this because it was sort of asking an opinion on the topic I am familiar with. Familiar in the sense that it was a current phenomenon. I love current events. I love reading.

I don't exactly remember the wordings of the question. But I remember what the topic was all about. It was on Budget Airlines like Jet2, EasyJet etc. (not paid to promote them). The premise was that, these small airlines contribute a lot to the causes of the global warming and so on and so forth.

I gave my opinion on the two sides of the coin. One from the point of view of a user or a passenger, and two from the point of view of an operator or businessman. Then, I took my final position as an operator of one of the budget airlines.

I pointed out that for as long as airplanes use fuel, they will always contribute to the worsening global climate condition. Big plane or small, they still contribute. So why punish the small ones only? Also, because budget airlines fly only in short distances, and so they emit lesser pollution than those big airplanes of big operators.

But the main point of my argument was that, these people who clamor for grounding of these budget airlines might be the same people who run the companies of the bigger airline. Or if not, they appoint or maybe pay someone in their behalf.

Clearly, there is no sufficient bases to halt the operation of these airlines. It's good for the the flying public and good for the economy. For as long as they adhere to the health and safety regulations, then they should continue to fly.

Those were some of my points I gave on the topic.

So I think, if we cover all possible arguments and write them in an organized way, then we could get the scores we desire.

And so I did.

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