Is job satisfaction far less important than job security in the modern work place?

by Vincent
(London, United Kingdom)

It is not true that job satisfaction has has a less advantage over secured jobs. Looking at the world today, we can see that most jobs or employees prefer to give their workers the social needs and expression in the different job sectors.

Before a person applies for a particular job, he first of all draws some analyses if the job will suit his ability or match with his present timetable and conditions, then he is satisfied to apply. It will be of his or her opportunity if there are better terms and conditions to work. For example I applied for a job as a stock accountant, and it has been
granted to me without terms and conditions to work then we can say I am not satisfied.

Also, the payment for the job you have asked for is not worth the services which you have to give, will make a difference that the job is not as confident the way it ought to be. Therefore you may not be secure since the payment is not up to serve your daily needs.

In addition, social needs provided by company will empower workers to do more since they are giving the social needs, like health care services, toiled in work places, drinking water and breakfast and lunch facilities. These, they will be more relaxed, satisfied and feel secure.

In conclusion, although to be secure is more than to be satisfied in work place, I strongly hold that job satisfaction is better than job security.

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