Answering labelling a diagram question type in IELTS Academic Reading

Labelling a diagram is one of the question types in IELTS reading. It requires the candidates to label parts in a diagram. These parts are numbered and relate to a description in the passage.

The candidates will write the labels on the answer sheet which may consist of up to three words, or a combination of words and numbers-all directly taken from the passage. Instructions will clearly state what is/are required.

Unlike in some task types, answers here do not necessarily appear in order; although they will usually come from one section rather the entire passage.

The best technique to answer this type of question in IELTS reading is to look at the captions and labels of the diagram. Using skimming skill, look for the passage that contains the relevant information.

Another technique is to scan through the passage to get a good idea of what the diagram really represents. But be sure though that you have enough time to use this technique.

From labelling a diagram to Academic Reading

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