Learning English Using Different Media

Learning English can be fun. Using different media like videos, television, radio, newspapers and the internet makes learning easier.

Some good resources have been gathered for your convenience.

Video/Audio Tutorials

Medline Plus Interactive Tutorials - A service of the U.S National Library of Medicine National, Health Institute. You will not only learn language here (speaking) but will also become knowlegeable about health topics including illnesses, drugs etc. It's interactive so its interesting. USA Learns - a free interactive site to learn English. You can use this site as a visitor to access the lessons or you may register so you can monitor your progress. BBC Learning English - learn general and business English as well as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. There are also quizzes and downloadable materials.


The Independent - a U.K based newspaper

Guardian - a U.K based newspaper just like Independent


Voice of America - read, listen and learn American English

Radio Australia - listen live and learn Australian English

ESL Sites and Resources

 Abroad Language Exchange Community

Mark's ESL World Jobs

ESLprintables: English worksheets and resources: Thousands of ESL teachers sharing worksheets, powerpoints and other resources. Subscribe for free, send your contributions and start downloading. There are over 300000 printable resources to choose!

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