Malcolm S. Forbes

by Admin
(31 Jan. 2011)

Malcolm S. Forbes photo*

Malcolm S. Forbes photo*

"The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy."

Teaching is my passion and this is what I enjoy most but I left my teaching job back home to live abroad. While I earn more now than before, I certainly miss those moments seeing the young minds shaping their own future.

Ever since I read this quote from one of Ken Evoy's books about SBI, I started to re-organize myself in order to avoid this mistake again. And this is the reason why I started this site. This is what I enjoy most-sharing, volunteering and helping others.

I may not be earning a living by doing this, but I will in the future. Maintaining this site everyday is not an easy task. I read lots of books or any reading materials I see and I learn more from them. And this knowledge I gain in doing this will help me gain financial freedom in the future.

And if I achieve it, which I am sure I would, that's because of Ken Evoy of SBI and Malcolm Forbes. I will make it sure that I won't commit the biggest mistake in life by not making a living at doing what I enjoy most.

*Thanks to speakupblog for the image.

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