My IELTS Speaking Experience

by Dennis
(Romblon, Philippines)

I took IELTS more than a year ago, and I would say it was both good and bad experience.

It was good because I got good scores in all the modules with individual band score of higher than 7.

It was bad because I did't get the score I wanted for the module which I think is easier than the rest-that is listening. But I won't dwell on the reason why I didn't get it. Instead, I will share my experience in the speaking module.

My interview for the IELTS speaking module happened 3 hours I think after the writing module. It was a long wait, but worthy. Though I devoured lots of IELTS review materials, I was still so nervous during the interview. And who wouldn't anyway?

It was smooth sailing in the beginning until I was given the cue card. I didn't anticipate and expect at all what was asked me to do-that was to discuss my "memorable dinner". At first, I struggled to gather my thoughts on the topic because I don't have any specific one at all.

So what do you think I did?

We are told not to tell a lie, but on that occasion I did. For the sake of giving an answer, I just created in my head an imaginary memorable dinner. I described it using plenty of adjectives like "sumptuous dinner, expensive but worth it" descriptions. I mentioned the menus, the place, the ambience etc. as if the dinner really happened.

In short, I manage to discuss the topic.

Two weeks after, I received the result. It was band 8.

Whew! Band 8?

I guess it's not the content that matters, but how I showed my ability to express myself using the language. I used past tense to describe the event, and of course the big adjectives.

All these, I believe, are the factors that gave me the 8.

And I hope that my examiner won't read this, or I will lose my mark. (LOL)

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