You Needed Me: A lesson on Past Tense

Tense of verb indicates TIME. Past tense tells us that the action or state of being happened in the past.

Regular and irregular verbs have different ways to form their past tense. We simply add -d or ed in a regular verb while in irregular verb, we do not. We change its spelling.

This rule also applies in forming the past participle form of these verbs.

Using the lyrics of You Needed Me, can you identify the verbs in each line (if there is any) and after each sentence IDENTIFY whether the verb is regular or irregular? The first line has been answered for you. Answers are given below, but please do not look at them beforehand.

Disclaimer: Music and lyrics are used here for educational purposes only. Copyright belongs to the registered owners.

You Needed Me

by: Anne Murray

1 I cried a tear (cried-regular)

2 You wiped it dry

3 I was confused

4 You cleared my mind

5 I sold my soul

6 You bought it back for me

7 And held me up and gave me dignity

8 Somehow you needed me.


9 You gave me strength

10 To stand alone again

11 To face the world

12 Out on my own again

13 You put me high upon a pedestal

14 So high that I could almost see eternity

15 You needed me

16 You needed me

17 And I can't believe it's you I can't believe it's true

18 I needed you and you were there

19 And I'll never leave, why should I leave

20 I'd be a fool

21 'Cause I've finally found someone who really cares

22 You held my hand

23 When it was cold

24 When I was lost

25 You took me home

26 You gave me hope

27 When I was at the end

28 And turned my lies

29 Back into truth again

30 You even called me friend


31 You needed me

32 You needed me


line 2- wiped -regular

line 3-was-linking verb (some might have answered was confused thinking that it is passive voice, but it is not. Was is the verb, confused is a participle acting as an adjective. Thus, the pattern of the sentence is Subject-Linking Verb-Complement(adj.)

line 4 cleared-regular

line 5 sold-irregular (sell)

line 6 bought-irregular (buy)

line 7 held up-irregular (phrasal verb)

line 8 need- regular

line 13 put- irregular

line 15 needed-regular

line 16 needed- regular

line 18 needed-regular, were-linking verb (intransitive)

line 21- Some might have answered found, but it isn't because the complete verb is have found which is a present perfect tense. So found here is past participle.

line 22 held- irregular

lines 23-24. Both have was as verb-The explanation is the same as the one in line 3.

line 25 took- irregular (take)

line 26 gave- irregular (give)

line 26 was- linking verb (intransitive)

line 28 turned-regular

line 30 called- regular

lines 31-32 needed- regular

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