Population in Malaysia from 1970 to 2005

by Noreha

The graph represents the population in Malaysia according to three age groups from 1970 to 2005.

Majority of the population in 1970 belongs to the age group of 15 to 64 years old compared to the other two age groups.

In 1970, the age group of 15 to 64 years old dominated as the majority population.There was about 5000 and above population in this year.

The population was increased steadily from 1970 to 2005 which had a difference about 11000 between these two years.The second highest of population was the age group of 0 to 14 years old in 1970.It had about just below 5000 of population.
It was different for the age group of 65 and above which belonged as the least population in 1970.

Overall, it was evident that the age group of 15 to 64 owed the highest population in 1970 to 2005.

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