Ways to Learn English Words Pronunciation

One of the keys to getting a good score in IELTS Speaking is the right pronunciation of words. Mispronouncing a word leads to miscommunication. To a second language speaker, this sounds critical. But there are ways on how to learn this.

One of the ways is to learn it online. There are plenty of videos on the internet. They can be found in YouTube or in some sites that offer online English lessons. Some are free, but some collect a fee.

Another way is to learn is offline. By saying offline, you enroll in an English speaking course and learn from there. This, I believe, is the best way because aside from learning how a word is pronounced, confidence in speaking will be developed as well.

If you are short of budget, you can also learn it using dictionary, but you must learn first the International Phonetic Alphabet.

The IPA is the reference guide on how to pronounce an English word. This can be found usually in one of the pages of a dictionary. If you look at a word in a dictionary, the IPA is one of those words written after a given word, the other is the part of speech, e.g noun, verb etc.

Looking at the IPA guides the reader on how the word is pronounced.

This video below, which uses American English, is a very good exercise on listening, speaking and pronouncing words. It is a good learning tool especially for a second language speaker.

Another way is watching English programs like newscast, talkshows, and game shows on television or dvd or home video. There is no better way to learn English than to hear native speakers say the words.

Watching live performances in theater is also a better way.

Making any of these a habit will make a second language speaker a better conversationalist.

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