Techniques in Conquering Stage Fright

Stage fright is one of the worst enemies of a person who is about to face an audience. In Public Speaking, it is called glossophobia.

In IELTS Speaking, the examiner is the only other person in a room, but the examinee still experiences that unusual feeling called stage fright. Considering how important IELTS in his career, the feeling is just normal. Even the most experienced speaker feels the same. It can not be avoided, but it can be conquered.

Here are some techniques:

The Immersion Technique

This is one technique which I develop in my self to at least overcome fear in speaking. I join community or scchool clubs, groups or any organization. During meetings of these groups or even at work, I make it sure that I do not end up as a bench warmer only. I participate in the discussion and give inputs and suggestions. This technique is good in building up your confidence. When you are given a big speaking engagement, you will realize how much this technique has helped you.

The Coin Technique

This one is quite odd, but I know it works. I first learned this from someone who I don't remember anymore. So what do you do with the coin? Before your time to speak, place coins inside your socks or your shoes whichever applies to you. Because coin is cold, it relaxes you when it touches your feet.

The Mirror Technique

This technique helps you a lot if you are delivering a prepared or read speech. Practising in front of a mirror will help you check your gestures, mannerisms, and your expressions and of course your posture.

The Pal Technique

Instead of a mirror, you practise in front of your friends or family. There are no better judge than those who love you. No true friends or relatives will ever put you in a bad situation.

The AV/V Technique

There are no other better techniques than the audio-video and visual technique. This technique refers to radio, television and print which includes books, newspapers and magazines , and they encompass everything. . Listening and reading a lot will give you tremendous amount of knowledge. And this alone will lessen if not eliminate fear in speaking. You become fully equipped and knowledgeable of pronunciation, grammar, and of course the topics.

All these techniques helped me conquer stage fright. So practising any of these will help you as well. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes.

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