Capping and Cutting: UK Immigration surprises

UK immigration is set to change following the announcement of the Conservatives led government of its new policy on immigration.

Starting in July 2010 until April 2011, only 24,000 workers from non-European Union member countries will be allowed entry to the UK by the UK Border Agency. This sudden change is done to prevent a sudden influx of migrants prior to the implementation of a permanent annual limit to UK immigrants.

It should be recalled that one of the campaign pledges of the Conservatives during the May 2010 UK general elections was to curb immigration to this country because of the ballooning of its population. And this is a sad news for those who want to come to the UK to work.

The good thing though is that there are exemptions. Employees of overseas companies with business branch in the UK and other specific groups like elite athletes are some of those who are exempted from this new policy.

The number of immigrants to the UK have been increasing steadily since they started allowing workers from other countries. Most of these immigrants are medical professionals like nurses and doctors. But with the change of leadership comes the change on governance policy-thus this capping and cutting of UK immigrants.

Update 17/12/2010

Non-Europeans who want to work in the UK must have a reason to smile. This after the Conservative led coalition governments' plan to cap immigration for non-Eurpean migrants has been declared unlawful.

It would be recalled that one of the pre-election manifestos of Conservatives was to limit immigrants into the U.K save those who are from the EU member states.

Now, this plan has been put on hold pending appeal.

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