How word count affects score in IELTS writing task 1 and task 2

One of the reasons why IELTS takers get a low band score in writing is having less word count than the required.

But how do we really know the number of words in our writing tasks?

One of the ways to get an approximation of the number of words is to count the words in each line multiplied by the number of lines you have used in your task. For example, you have written 8 words in a line, and you have used 15 lines, then you have 120 words. This number is way below the 150 words needed for task 1 and too short for task 2 which needs 250 words.

But remember that this is just approximation that gives you a rough estimate of your number of words, so you decide whether you have enough words or not. Otherwise, you will be penalised.

To get a low score in your IELTS exam because of less words is unforgivable.

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